Manufacturer Direct Contract Hospitality Agency

Contract Spec Associates is an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative Firm that specializes in Designer Lighting, Flooring, Furniture and Decor products.  We specialize in assisting with specification and direct pricing to our customers.  We work primarily with design firms, architectural firms, and procurement companies in finding the right combination of products at pricing that meets any budget.

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Built with passion, buy with confidence.

Put the proper lights and decor into your homes with the help of our team of experts to ensure you are getting the best quality and prices for your budget.

What makes us stand out —

Direct Pricing

We price all of our products by working directly with the manufacturer.

Quality Lines

We offer high quality designer lines that cover a range of most design categories.

Custom Capabilities

We strive to give our clients the best customer service offerable with custom capabilities tailored to each account.

Product Offerings

We have a wide depth of product offerings at almost any price point.

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